Chris Wacup is a DJ and Producer from Frankfurt in Germany.

It all began in 2011 as a DJ in a small club in Bad Homburg called 'Gambrinus'. Shortly after, Chris was booked for further gigs in clubs in Frankfurt and 2012 the public radiostation YOU FM started to show interest and he is now the resident DJ for their partys and has his own show called 'Press Play' on a saturday evening. 2013 Chris produced a track called "Feel Deep Inside" and was top 20 for 5 weeks in the international DJ charts. 2015 was his international year with Club after Club in all parts of the world! 2016 was his festival year with slots at the biggest festivals in Germany 'World Clube Dome, Nature One and Ruhr in Love'. Chris also produces sets for other big radiostations in Germany for example RauteMusik, YOU FM, and bigFM NITROX.

Locations: Nature One,  Bigcitybeats World Clube Dome,  Ruhr in Love,  YOU FM, bigFM NITROX, RauteMusik, Radio Sub, Hamburg (Mojo Club),  Liepzig (Pride Ball Party), Austria Graz (RUSH),  Frankfurt: Sky Club, Velvet, Batschkapp, Odeon, Die Fabrik, Cube, Mantis,  Düsseldorf (Schamlos-Party XXL),  Köln (BEATZ&BOYTZ),  Marburg (Nachtsalon),  Nürnberg (Große Liebe),  Karlsruhe (Culeum Buntes Rauschen),  Koblenz (Vogue Club), Dancing Nation München (Tor Club), Eschwege (E-Werk),  Frankfurt CLB, halle02 Heidelberg (HALL OF LOVE) etc...    

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